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Stoke Park

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Eastleigh Labour Party has a strong tradition of supporting and campaigning across our towns, villages and constituency. With input from you, we can deliver more. Over the past several years,…

Supporting White Ribbon Day

When lockdown began in March, many of us felt isolated from our loved ones. The restrictions in place as well as the anxiety about COVID-19 had an impact on all…

Lib Dem Lies and Spin on Local Plan

The local LibDem party machine has woken up and it’s already telling lies… Eastleigh Labour have been opposing the LibDem local plan since it first came out that the LibDem…

What are we all about?

Chances are, you’ve come across our website because you’re interested in making Eastleigh better. You might also share some of our values, or have questions about them. 

This website is designed to give you an idea of what we’re all about, how you can get involved and what we’re doing to improve Eastleigh. 

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Eastleigh Labour Party members at the GE19

We're working hard to make Eastleigh better.

With your vote, we'll make sure of it.

Values led policy

Our principles are founded in shared values of family, fairness, hardwork and decency.

Community priorities

We're focused on real, local issues across Eastleigh and the rest of the constituency.

Local engagement

Our community is our most vital asset; without people we can't make Eastleigh better.

Of course, we’re mostly active on social media – where you’ll find the most up to date details of what we’re up to, where you might spot members out and about, and different ways you can get involved.

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