Your vote for Labour is a vote to drive positive change in Eastleigh.  Let’s come together and get things done!

Your truly local candidate

Sam JORDAN, a TRUE Eastleigh resident and a Parliamentary Candidate that you can trust.

About your candidate, Sam Jordan

I should be clear. I am not a politician (yet). I’m just a local Eastleigh resident who wants to drive positive change and get things done for the people.

Together, we can ensure that Eastleigh doesn’t suffer at the current disarray of Brexit.  Your vote for Labour is a vote for Eastleigh, and together we will:

  • Increase police presence and demand an Eastleigh police station
  • Improve our vital infrastructure and services (roads, doctors, schools)
  • Rejuvenate and revitalise our high streets
  • Support the right kind of housing developments
  • Give you, the people of Eastleigh, a voice!

How are we different?


We're here to make a positive change for the many, not the privileged few.


We must live in harmony with the environment, not destroy it for financial gain.


We're people powered. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!