Labour slam Liberal Democrats over parking charges and call for climate emergency in Eastleigh.

At Tuesday’s Eastleigh Local Area Committee Meeting, Labour representatives didn’t pull the punches, hitting the Lib-Dems on their introduction of parking charges to all residents in parking permit zones regardless of household income.

Labour’s Josh Constable asked councillors present whether they would consider a subsidy for lower income households to mitigate the added costs. This came off the back of questioning and comment by Ex Labour Councillor Ted White on the poor provision of local bus services.

Josh had this to say;

 “The fact that Lib-Dem Borough and Tory County Councillors don’t give working people any option other than to own a car to get to work and now want to charge them just to park it; shows how the Blue and Yellow see-saw between these two parties in Hampshire is costing local people. Councillors refused to commit to a response. The Lib-Dems are always eager to state how well their finances are doing; yet when it comes to sharing these supposedly impressive gains, they suddenly can’t consider it, even for those struggling to get by. Even when asked as individuals, if councillors would be willing to support such a policy, none would answer.”

Josh also called for Eastleigh Borough Councillors to declare a climate emergency and to “take real action to prevent further damage to our environment on a local level.” Again, a non-committal response was received, and no councillor would answer the simple question put to them. 

Eastleigh Labour sincerely hope that the Liberal Democrats will come around, and act to help and involve local people. After all that is what local councillors are meant to do.