Duct Tape Developer Building “Affordable” Homes in Eastleigh

The BBC has reported the shocking news that Linden Homes has sold a home in Wiltshire with roof tiles held in place by duct tape.  The homeowners only knew when their car suffered £3000 damage from a tile which fell from the roof of their new build home in Swindon. This follows a BBC report in March this year that homes were being sold by Persimmon in Cornwall with inadequate fire protection.

Linden Homes are one of the many developers rushing to put new build estates all over Eastleigh to meet the Lib Dems’ as yet incomplete local plan. This includes building “affordable homes” at the Boorley Park estate in the countryside near Botley. 

A photo recently appeared on a local facebook group of a van parked at Boorley Park with the slogan “Don’t buy Bloor. After care poor”. This provoked the response:  “They cannot be worse than Linden! They are an absolute joke and I would implore anyone not to buy any type of property off them!”

Evidence is mounting that in an industry with well publicized shortages of skilled labour, potentially made worse by Brexit uncertainty, corners are being cut with profit put before quality and safety.

Have you experienced quality problems with your new home in Eastleigh? Let us know at eastleigh.labour@yahoo.co.uk. Eastleigh Labour Party calls on the ruling Lib Dems to reassure new residents in the Borough that their homes are built to the highest possible standards of quality and safety.

A future Labour government will create a new department of housing to make sure all new homes are built to high standards. This will include insulation, and new standards for minimum space requirements and low carbon homes.







Labour Manifesto 2017 “Secure Homes for All”