Vote for Eastleigh

Sam Jordan, your Parliamentary Candidate for Eastleigh that you can trust

A vote for Sam is a vote for Eastleigh

Your vote for labour will:

  • Demand an increased police presence around the constituency and an Eastleigh police station.
    Crime rates are spiralling out of control!
  • Improve vital infrastructure in Eastleigh and the surrounding areas.
    Our roads are crumbling and congested, and our doctors surgeries are at breaking point!
  • Rejuvenate and revitalise our high streets across the constituency.
    Let’s bring the community together and help our local businesses thrive
  • Support the right kind of housing developments, that are affordable and green

About your candidate, Sam Jordan

I should be clear. I am not a politician (yet!). I am a local Eastleigh resident who wants to drive change and get things done for the people.

My path to this point has been diverse, but what has led me here is my determination to help and support the people of my constituency.

Having left school with limited qualifications, I worked hard to transform and progress my life.  From starting out as a Glazier, I was determined to change my circumstances and went on to achieve a degree in History from the University of Winchester. Later applying for and experiencing the Mi5 recruitment process. And now, working as a consultant for an industry leading telecoms provider – you could say I have always been determined to connect people!

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Some facts about your candidate, Sam

  • I've been an Eastleigh resident for 30 years
  • I grew up on Passfield Avenue in a single parent family
  • Currently living in the Pirelli estate with my wife, my dog, and my cat
  • Schooled at Alderman Quilley
  • I've previously worked for Eastleigh College, Asda, and other local businesses across the constituency
  • Established a community club with around 50 volunteers to help support the people of Eastleigh