Hedge End Train station not suitable for people with mobility impairments

I have created a petition to change the access to Hedge End Train Station as the Disabled access to the Portsmouth bound platform is not suitable for this modern age we live in.

As you can see from the picture below access to the Portsmouth bound platform is accessible for most via a foot bridge however for people with Mobility issues they cannot access the platform this way.

The only way to access the Portsmouth bound platform is by heading away from station up the road and then down Shambehurst lane south. This road is 60 MPH country lane and no pathway. To add to this if you are a wheelchair use you have to head over an Humpback bridge which you can see from the image below.

Finally once over the bridge you have to then cross the road and go down a path to the Portsmouth bound platform. In adverse weather the access to the station this way means that the pathway can become boggy and for wheelchair users you could become stuck. I have attached a photo below for you to see.

I want better access to the station for everyone and a safer way for people to access the station. In this day and age it is not unreasonable to ask for equal access to public services. 

Can you help? Sign the petition here: http://chng.it/djJYQzXz