Expanding Southampton Airport: Bad for Eastleigh, bad for the planet.

A core part of our belief as a Constituency Labour Party is that members should be at the forefront of decision making. Following discussions over the past year, at every level of our local party; on December 18th Eastleigh Labour Party members voted at a special meeting to oppose the expansion of Southampton Airport.

Eastleigh Labour support the airport as an important transport link and jobs provider but it is clear from the available information that if Eastleigh Borough Council approves the plans our borough will be worse off. The costs are clear and the benefits remain uncertain. Expansion means more pollution, more noise from jet aircraft, more traffic on our overburdened roads and we wont see enough of the theoretical benefits.

The new information made available to the public by the airport does not do enough to remove the serious concerns raised about the effects of this plan. The airport already spends more outside Eastleigh than in the local area and the jobs benefits will not be focused in the borough. Why should we have to suffer for private profit?

You can’t declare a climate emergency, promise action on climate change and not oppose this plan. Other political parties in Eastleigh are ignoring climate change!

We are in a climate emergency, we cannot continue like we don’t know about global warming. If we want the planet to be safe for our children and grandchildren we cannot allow more pollution, especially when it is easily avoidable.

Eastleigh is stuck between a Conservative MP shipped here from London; who’s party supports the expansion despite the above issues and a Liberal Democrat borough council who remain silent on where they stand officially, while council leader Keith House implies support on social media. Eastleigh needs a clear opposition to reckless over-development and to stand up for local people.

Eastleigh Labour is clear: We oppose the proposed Expansion. The focus must be on securing high wage, high skill jobs in the green economy. Not gambling on a pollutive expansion.

We call on Eastleigh Borough Council to listen to the people and reject this application.

Eastleigh Labour Party object to and oppose the proposed expansion of Southampton Airport for the above reasons. We note our previous opposition to the proposed local plan brought forward by the Borough Council was based around similar concerns. The development of our borough must be based on the needs of residents and sustainable economic and environmental practices.

The airport expansion would directly contradict the position put forward by the Liberal Democrat candidate in the General Election in December, but also the principle of a Borough Council that has declared a climate emergency. This plan will place undue burden in terms of both economic and environmental impact upon the borough and people of Eastleigh while the benefits are predominantly gained by those not living in the borough.

We urge the Borough Council and airport to pay attention not to the vested interests that want the airport expanded but to the people of Eastleigh who have submitted objections to this plan. If an airport expansion is to take place, it cannot mean more unmitigated pollution to the borough of Eastleigh. There must also be pre-existing transport infrastructure and public transport services to support the increased use before, not after expansion takes place.

– Taken from Eastleigh Labour’s objection please click the below link to make a submission https://planning.eastleigh.gov.uk/s/papplication/a1M4J000000d3qI/f1986707?fbclid=IwAR0p0nGNui5EZAH1KOBEeQnKw3XaKYSEhoLAjWDdaBt4pizp5dbGCHQ5ZFs