Help us make Eastleigh better

  • Adam 
Eastleigh Labour Party has a strong tradition of supporting and
campaigning across our towns, villages and constituency. With input from you,
we can deliver more.

Over the past several years, members of Eastleigh’s biggest political party have continually worked with elected and unelected officials, and campaigned hard on our streets. As a party we have lobbied for changes to roads, roundabouts and train stations, supported environmental protection, ensured maintenance of bus routes and held elected opposition to account.

As we move forward, we need to change how we operate. Where once leaflets, door-knocking and social engagements were the norm, it is now time to talk on phone, complete online feedback and use social media. Change is being accelerated by Covid-19 but, similar to many aspects of our lives, we are adapting to meet it.

This change is affecting all of us in different ways – we have moved meetings online, increased the apps we use and changed our engagement approach in an attempt to meet new needs and requirements. Regardless of the circumstances, we are here with you and continue to work hard for you.

What is changing?

So we can continue to get your feedback and so you can hear from us, we have introduced two new features: a newsletter service and a pulse survey. Both of these will cover the most important element of our party: our community.

You can register for our newsletter here and complete our pulse survey here.

For me, making Eastleigh better is not about politics. It is about engaging people in the community, improving the fairness and decency of our town and working hard to ensure we are all safe, prosperous and healthy. It just so happens that politics and Eastleigh Labour Party are the things that will make that happen