£4.2M spent by Eastleigh Borough Council on “Consultants Fees” in last 12 months

  • Adam 
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Extensive investigation by Eastleigh Labour Party raises serious questions over Borough Council spend on “Consultant Fees”.

Eastleigh Labour Party’s on-going investigation into ‘Consultants Fees’ paid by Liberal Democrat-run Eastleigh Borough Council has discovered yet another mountain of cash that has gone into the pockets of consultants.  The latest discovery has brought to light that a further £923,917 was spent during the period January to April 2020. This takes the overall spend on ‘Consultants Fees’ by the Liberal Democrat-run Council to a whopping £4,223,917 in 2020.

PMC Construction Development Service (CIS) was paid a further £80,665, taking their combined total of Eastleigh tax payers cash for ‘Consultants Fees’ to over £2 million in 12 months. In keeping with the theme of information being hidden by the Liberal Democrat-run Council, an amount of £4,356 has had information redacted meaning there is no clarity on who is receiving this public money.

Despite Eastleigh Labour Party’s current enquiries, no clarification has been provided by EBC on why this money was spent in this way. With possible council tax hikes on the way, together with a reduction in services, Borough residents deserve to know what exactly their money is being spent on.

Local campaigner and senior officer at Eastleigh Labour Party, Sam Jordan, said: “This continues to be an extremely worrying subject. Through austerity, we’ve seen the closure of Sure Start Centres, the Environment Agency offices and Eastleigh Police Station. We have a right to know where Eastleigh’s money is going and why it is being spent this way”.  Sam added: “We are in the midst of a global pandemic which is crippling our local economy – the Liberal Democrat-run council is happily closing Eastleigh’s Market and High Streets but is failing to provide answers on where and why public money is being spent like this. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks it’s a total scandal.”

A Freedom of Information request has been sent to Eastleigh Borough Council in a bid to uncover more details. Updates will be available to the public via the Eastleigh Labour Party website