It has been a tough year in Eastleigh. Together, we’ll bounce back in 2021

  • Adam 
Christmas holly

What a year. 2020 has been hard for many people in Eastleigh. As Christmas draws near, let us remember the good things from 2020.

When we look back to the 12th December 2019, the last General Election, we can point to so many missed opportunities, government U-turns and failures which, without doubt, have cost jobs and lives. Our thoughts are with those who have lost family members and we offer our support to those who may be in need.

It may not mean much at this moment in time, but we continue to do our utmost to make Eastleigh better.

  • Providing supermarket vouchers for families and children in-need
  • Supporting local campaigners to stop the Eastleigh Local Plan in its current form
  • Challenging the airport expansion on grounds of impact on Eastleigh’s economy, health and infrastructure
  • Working for residents to get streetlights turned on to improve safety and security
  • Offering support to Eastleigh Basics Bank
  • Investigating where Eastleigh taxpayer’s money is being spent
  • Holding the Liberal Democrats to account on local issues
  • Engaging with Conservatives to improve infrastructure in Eastleigh
  • Driving campaigns to protect Eastleigh’s heritage

What can Eastleigh expect in 2021?

Next year we have the chance to change how Eastleigh is run. In May 2021, all being well, local elections will take place and you can support Eastleigh Labour Party to make Eastleigh better.

If safe to do so, we will begin our local campaign in January 2021. This will include leafleting, canvassing and engagement via online tools. If you would like to know more, please contact

From everyone at Eastleigh Labour Party, have a safe and happy Christmas.