Mental Health: Eastleigh Labour Party is here to help

  • Adam 
Labour logo shown on back of jacket

Mental health challenges have been one of the big impacts on people during Covid-19. Eastleigh Labour Party is here to help.

When we talk about mental health, many people still feel that there is a stigma, a label or that somehow you are weaker than another person. During the 2019 General Election I was fortunate enough to engage with some wonderful charities that support those in need as well as people that have survived mental health difficulties.

You may have seen Eastleigh Labour Party’s social media team and myself in discussion with Eastleigh Borough Council leader, Keith House, on Twitter. The exchange that followed resulted in Keith House using derisive language that undermined the difficulties of mental health. This is still being investigated by Eastleigh Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.

What Eastleigh Labour Party want to do here is sign-post you, if you’re in difficulty or know someone who is, to resources and organisations that can truly help. The Covid-19 pandemic is more than just a virus and the silent impact is being felt across Eastleigh. If you have any questions, big or small, please see these resources below:

If you feel you are in urgent need of help, please do call the Samaritans on 116 123 or

If Eastleigh Labour Party are elected, I will personally guarantee that we will focus on improving services for residents whilst also working to help mitigate the factors leading to these difficulties. Covid-19 has highlighted the monumental gap we have around these services for people as well as the huge impact it has on our local economy with people out of work, suffering abusive relationships and lacking the opportunity to improve their lives.

I promise, you’re not alone. Sam x