We will make Eastleigh’s schools better and this is how

  • Adam 
Child completing school work

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the significant gap we have around digital services for children and schools. Eastleigh is not equipped to provide our next generation with digital skills or education.

Talk to anyone and they will tell you that these past few months have been very difficult. Talk to a parent in Eastleigh who is balancing working with educating children and they will say it’s been extremely difficult. The key issue being highlighted is technology.

The school system has been underfunded for the past ten years. This has stopped technology investment and employing more teachers. In Eastleigh, schools have been closed and investment in technology has been limited. This is why we have made a plan to support parent and children’s needs:

  • Devices to pupils who need them
  • Internet access to pupils without it
  • All children receive full value value of free school meals
  • Work to remove data charges for educational websites
  • Technical support for schools
  • Guaranteed time with teachers

The Conservatives have shamed us with their ‘free school meal packages’ – delivered by their business partners, these were totally unsuitable for those children most in need.

Eastleigh Labour believes these policy decisions will shape learning for students in Eastleigh, now and in the future. We are calling on the Conservatives to take our proposals and implement them immediately.