NHS Reforms: Here’s what the future looks like under Tories

  • Adam 
NHS logo on pavement

They NHS has had a kicking from the Tories over the past 11 years. These NHS reforms give more control to government and less to the people that know what they’re doing. After previous Tory car crash, we can expect more of the same.

In 2014 a Tory minister (Andrew something?) changed the NHS forever. The Tories made a load of changes that undermined how the NHS operated. These reforms were awful and caused deaths. it’s also fair to say that these NHS reforms made the NHS poorly prepared for a pandemic…

Here’s a list of NHS reforms that Paul Holmes will support Matt Hancock with:

How can you fight back?

We have already started the fightback and you can as well. Eastleigh Labour are not happy with these reforms and are supporting those who oppose them. If you’d like to know more and stay in touch with the latest campaigns, check out Southampton KONP.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and our NHS are doing all their usual work and more. I would encourage you to sign this petition and show your support for those brave people who give everything. What is most worrying about these reforms is actually the impact it will have on people like you and me.


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