Our Local Elections: Eastleigh’s candidates and everything you need to know!

  • Adam 
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We’re pleased to share our Local Elections candidates. We campaign to make Eastleigh better. With your vote, we’ll make sure of it.

Over the last 18 months and even today, Eastleigh Labour Party are campaigning more than ever and we’re working on everything from free school meal vouchers to supporting local businesses. Here’s a complete list of our Local Elections candidates on May 6th 2021:

Eastleigh Borough Council Elections

  • Eastleigh North – Kathy O’Neill
  • Eastleigh Central – Josh Constable
  • Eastleigh South – Sam Jordan
  • Bishopstoke – Steven Phillips
  • Botley – Alison Phillips
  • Fair Oak and Horton Heath – Jacob Phillips
  • Hamble and Netley – Hayley Homer
  • Hedge End North – Steve Willoughby
  • Hedge End South – Betty-Lou Leyland

Hampshire County Council Elections

  • Eastleigh North –Josh Constable
  • Eastleigh South – Sam Jordan
  • Bishopstoke and Fair Oak – Jacob Phillips
  • Bursledon and North Hound – Catherine Cronin
  • Botley and Hedge End North – Kevin Williamson
  • Hedge End and West End South – Steven Phillips
  • West End and Horton Heath – Steve Willoughby

Parish Council Elections

  • Allbrook – Kathy O’Neill
  • Bishopstoke – Christine McKeone, Dermot McKeone (ELECTED)
  • Botley – Betty-Lou Leyland (ELECTED)
  • Hamble – Hayley Homer

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections

How will we campaign?

Of course, Covid-19 has made these elections very different but you can still expect to see us campaigning online, via telephone or, where safe to do so, delivering leaflets and canvassing. Despite the challenges over the last 12 months, we have been working hard for residents across the borough – you can see more here.

In the next few days, you’ll see lots more about our local policies, local manifesto, our candidates and our focus areas for bringing the community together. We’re going to do our utmost to share with you what we will do to make Eastleigh better. With your vote, we’ll make sure of it.