Let’s make Eastleigh better.

  • Adam 
Labour logo shown on back of jacket

Six months ago, we teamed up with a local film maker to create a piece for our local elections. This turned out to be more than an example of how we can make Eastleigh better.

Local politics is a thankless task. It’s hard enough fighting the Tory’s and their cronyism but add in the fake news machine of the Lib Dems and not only are you campaigning to make Eastleigh better and fix people’s problems but you have to wade through filth to get your message out.

One of the things Eastleigh Labour has tried to do is push out video content, increase our social profile and add value through campaigns and education. I think we’ve done a good job on this so far but today I think really pushes the bar.

Eastleigh Labour in the community

We help all different people, with all different things. Investigating where public money is spent, planning applications, parking, bin collections… you name it we do it. All of this is our attempt to make Eastleigh better. One gap we had was how we worked with local businesses and creatives. We work with local organisations to help them but we don’t shout about it because we’re not good at it!

What we have done here is work with a local film maker who has helped capture the passion that we feel as a political organisation for Eastleigh and the local area. This short video really helps to capture the message we want to get across to people in Eastleigh. All of this was done by a local creative team in Eastleigh – local people, local business, local focus.

As a Borough, we have focused far to much on sending money out of Eastleigh and not working with amazing local people with unique talent. I feel very thankful for the team who put this together because I don’t have a creative bone in my body and I am in owe of their talent.

So, where can you see our video? Just scroll down! Thanks to everyone who helped put this educational video together – I know we’ll all work hard to make Eastleigh better.