Happy New Year!

2021 has been another challenging year for our country and our community here in Eastleigh Constituency. But once again we’ve pulled together despite the failings of our government, to protect one another from the pandemic.

Eastleigh Labour won some of our best election results in a decade. We’ve campaigned locally on the issues that matter to you, and most importantly we’ve listened and learned from our community. All of that went into our 2021 local manifesto, which will be updated again for 2022!

There’s no denying the challenges we face as we head into 2022, both as a constituency Labour Party and wider community. Hampshire County Council’s financial situation is becoming increasingly unstable, Eastleigh Borough Council’s debt continues to grow, all while our town and village centres see more businesses close. While other parts of the country have risen to the challenges of the pandemic the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats still have no plan to fix the situation, and instead are gripped by a political culture that doesn’t allow debate, stifles innovation and is addicted to a culture of outsourcing.

Thankfully there is hope for 2022! Eastleigh Labour has been working with other constituency Labour parties and the Cooperative Party across Hampshire, to come up with new ideas and new shared policies to tackle the problems we face. We can’t wait to get back in touch with you in 2022.

From all of us at Eastleigh Labour Party. We wish you a very Happy New Year!