Our Chance For Real Change: Eastleigh Central By-election February 10th.

Another Lib Dem Councillor has resigned, this time triggering a by-election. Since the airport planning meetings in 2021, several Lib Dem Councillors have resigned. With Council Leader Keith House removing opponents and putting allies into cabinet positions and chairships across the borough, it’s clear the Lib Dems are incapable of changing.

Josh Constable is your Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate. With a record of standing up for residents, opposing the councils bad decision making and a clear plan for how to improve Eastleigh Town, this by election offers us a chance for real change in our area.

“Following on from our excellent election results in May, which saw us a close second place in Eastleigh Central on an 84% vote increase, Labour are well placed to take this seat on February 10th. I’m a local candidate with a 5 year record of fighting for a better future for Eastleigh. I hope I can count on your support to deliver the real change Eastleigh needs.” – Josh Constable

Labour works all year round to support residents and offer a real alternative to the Lib Dems and Conservatives . If you want to know more about our offer for Eastleigh why not check out our local manifesto or contact us directly to speak to our candidate!