Who should I vote for in Eastleigh?

You should vote for your Labour candidate…

…And here’s why:

If you don’t vote, nothing will change.

“You’re all the Same.” “Why bother, nothing changes.” “I’m not political.” – Have you ever said something like this? Have you ever not voted in a local election? Then you’re who we want to talk to!

Sadly turnout in Eastleigh hovers around the 30% mark. That means only one in every three people vote. T People have started to give up on politics. Why is this a bad idea? It’s a bad idea because politics doesn’t stop because you’re not voting. People still get elected, policies are still enacted. These might be people and policies you disagree with or that will negatively impact you. As long as you don’t vote you’re giving your power over to Councillors who you’ve never met, and who are not interested in representing you.

The Conservatives have broken this country. They, eagerly assisted by their coalition partners the Liberal Democrats, set about tearing up social security and what was left of the British economy after the crash. Locally, for 26 years these two parties, united in attitude and approach, have held our Borough hostage: Hostage to a stagnation of politics, and a weaponization of political apathy. They’re quite happy if people don’t vote. They rely on it to hold power. If you vote, they lose. It’s that simple.

Labour are a real alternative.

Eastleigh Labour Party are on your side. We are offering something genuinely different this election. We’re still the only party in Eastleigh to have published a Local Manifesto, which offers our detailed vision for Eastleigh. We can’t tell you why other parties won’t publish their own plans, but all our candidates are committed to bringing these ideas to our local councils. We aren’t promising a quick fix. It’s a long-term plan to tackle the problems facing our Borough. It’s a plan based upon the success stories of Labour and Co-operative Councils across the country. It’s a plan that has worked before,and can work for Eastleigh.

This plan is being championed by our brilliant candidates. Every one of them residents of the Borough. Our team are ordinary people who are standing up for our community. Wherever possible we have stepped up to attend local hustings: https://hustings.eastleigh.online/ . Many of our candidates are already Town and Parish Councillors, already working hard for you throughout the year.

The Liberal Democrats have let you down.

Contrast this with the Liberal Democrats, who are putting out the same leaflets, with the same fake bar charts with fake results and false claims about Labours electoral performance. Ask yourself, if a candidate will put their name to lies on a leaflet, what does that say about them? Why won’t they detail their own ideas of a way forward? Why do their leaflets spend so much time talking about Labour?

Ask yourself: How have the Liberal Democrats performed on the Borough Council? When was the last time you heard from your councillor? Has their conduct online been what you’d expect from an elected official? Has the Conservative/Liberal Democrat control of our Government, County and Borough improved our area?

How do we change things?

If you want a new approach; that puts community power first. That empowers residents. An approach that is centred on the needs of our community, and growing our local economy; supporting local and community businesses first. If you think that the past 26 years have seen Eastleigh get worse, not better. The answer is simple: Vote. Vote for the only party with a plan to make things better.

Think local. Vote Labour.

If you have any questions, want anything explained or expanded upon please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email hello@eastleighlabour.co.uk or on our Facebook page @EastleighLabourParty