Labour is promising Eastleigh it’s future back.

At our Party Conference, Labour has shown we’re ready for government and that we have the plan to give Britain it’s future back. Towns like Eastleigh have been hurt by the Conservatives for the past 13 years. Local people are struggling with the cost of living, while NHS appointments get harder to access, and crime rising; it feels like things are going from bad to worse.  

Eastleigh Labour Party took responses from Eastleigh residents to contribute into our national policy process and I’m proud to see so many policies focused specifically on delivering a lifeline to our struggling towns. I think this policy platform makes it clear: Labour are the only party in British politics with the ambition for, and detailed plan to deliver, a better future for Eastleigh. If you want to see things get better, you need to vote Labour, Eastleigh needs a Labour government

What do the plans announced at our conference mean for the people of Eastleigh?

A Labour government will deliver:

  • A growing economy
  • Cheaper energy bills
  • Access to the NHS when you need it
  • Safer streets
  • A better future, with more opportunity

How will we do this?

Labours mission for growth, investment plans, planning reform and support for small businesses will get our economy growing again. Labour will ensure decarbonisation will never mean deindustrialisation. Our green investment plan will unlock the brilliant opportunities of the green transition. It means tens of thousands of high skill jobs. Labour’s growth plans mean an end to the economic stagnation we’ve had under the Tories.

Great British Energy, a new publicly owned energy company will deliver cheaper energy bills. Alongside this, we will pass an Energy Independence Act, breaking our dependency on fossil fuel dictators. British Green Energy, produced in Britain, by British workers, delivered by a publicly owned Great British Energy Company!

Labour’s NHS plans mean 2 million extra appointments a year and a long-term NHS plan to increase staffing levels alongside bringing in new focuses on sickness prevention; that will mean more capacity so everyone can get world class healthcare, like we had under the last Labour government.  

Everyone should feel safe in their communities. Labour is committed to bringing back community policing starting with putting 13,000 more neighbourhood police and PCSOs back on the streets. Our legal reforms will target violence against women and girls, bringing in tougher sentences for rapists and ending the scandal of non-prosecution of serious crimes.

For many young people the dream of owning their own home, getting a good education, and getting a good job is becoming unattainable. We’re planning on building 1.5 million new homes, including in new towns, and prioritising affordable homes. We will give first dibs on new developments to first time buyers. Education reform starting with breakfast clubs in every primary school, expanding teacher recruitment, curriculum reform focused on developing creativity, digital and speaking skills. Alongside this we will expand apprenticeships and skills training to spread opportunity for all.