EBC must block the planned development at the Ageas Bowl.

Labour has been organising against the development plans from the Ageas Bowl since they were first brought forward in 2022. Our town and parish councillors will continue to work in the community to support residents organising against these plans. We re-affirmed our opposition in, 2023 and now again in January 2024. Members of the Labour party will attend the planning meeting to again stress to Borough Councillors the need to oppose this application. 

The developer is seeking to produce no affordable homes on this site. Eastleigh has an acute need for council and affordable housing. This development will provide neither. We condemn the government and council for encouraging an environment where developers can simply opt out, to increase profits while the community suffers. Labour remains the only party nationally and locally committed to building the houses we need where we need them.

The Coalition and Conservative’s Austerity, means Eastleigh has overburdened roads and poor public transport provision. We cannot consider applications of this scale, without significant investment in accompanying infrastructure. This development proposal does not address the significant concerns residents have raised around traffic. More cars sat in traffic jams has a significant economic, environmental and health impact on residents. Councils should be working with key stakeholders like the Ageas Bowl to increase public transport provision to their excellent facilities.

We acknowledge the economic benefits that a new hotel could bring, both in employment and local economic activity. The Ageas bowl is a major attraction and major contributor to our local economy, we would not seek an objection if the sole permission being sought, was to add an additional hotel to the site. We would want assurances from the developers though that steps would be taken to reduce reliance on cars to get too and from any new hotel on the site, which the current plans parking expansion suggests would not be the case.

Labour is also aware that is a critical need for more social care provision in our country. We cannot however approve putting a care home in this proposed location. It is too far from local amenities, the community and too close to the stadium; running the risk of significant noise pollution for potential residents at peak times.

This development’s community benefit does not outweigh the significant costs West End residents will have to live with. To be clear: Labour wants to see more houses getting built. We want to start to fix the broken housing market and delivering the homes our community needs.  But it is developments like this proposal, that turn residents against the very concept of new housing. We urge the Borough Council to reject this proposal.