A Great Start to Campaigning in 2024!

2024 has got off to a flying start for us, and we’ve been out campaigning every weekend so far this year hearing voters views in the lead up to the 2024 general election.

At the beginning of January, we had an excellent turnout of members for some door knocking in Chandlers Ford, including a number of brand new members. Speaking to voters was a really valuable experience, and it was concerning to hear about the impact of flooding on green spaces in Chandlers Ford, as well as the poor provision of public transport in the area.

We noticed members of the public really getting behind Labour’s plans for the country, including our green investment plans and the plans for investment in public services.

A question we asked all residents who we spoke to was whether life had improved or got worse under the Tories, and it was so sad to hear that life has got worse for so many people since 2010. The impact of cuts to the NHS, policing, schools, local councils, and public transport amongst others was plain to see in people’s experiences.

One specific conversation I had with a voter last weekend was around Labour’s New Deal for Working People. He explained to me how the concerning working practices in supermarkets across the UK is damaging his family and those who work in this industry.

Labour’s plan for working people would ban zero hours contracts, ban fire and re-hire, introduce a genuine living wage for working people, and make flexible working a day-one right for workers. This would have such a huge impact on people across Eastleigh and it’s sad to see the impact of poor working conditions has had on people in Eastleigh.

We’re looking forward to carrying in Eastleigh Central this weekend and for every other weekend this year before we turn Eastleigh red at the next general election. See you on the doorstep!