We’re proud to be releasing our new local manifesto today in advance of this year’s local elections on Thursday May 2nd. Eastleigh has been left behind for too long by successive Conservative and Liberal Democrat led administrations. Our vision is simple: It is one of local renewal, an Eastleigh with drive, purpose and energy, with a local council that works for its community. Labour is prioritising real change, and a long-term plan for our area. We will be guided by the following five missions. These are five key concerns that residents have raised with us:

1. Our High Streets: Labour will revitalise our local economy & tackle anti-social behaviour
2. Our Homes: Labour will bring back council housing and prioritise affordable local housing
3. Our Green Future: Labour will protect and enhance our local environment
4. Our Roads: Labour will invest in local infrastructure & transport
5. Our Community: Labour will bring our community together

We know that for much of our community, it feels like Eastleigh is stuck in a cycle of decline after 14 years of failed Conservative & Liberal Democrat led government. Today we are putting forward our positive vision for change. We will build a better Eastleigh through five key missions for a Labour run Eastleigh Borough Council after years of poor public services and financial mismanagement by the Lib Dems.

You can view our full manifesto on our website here: