Eastleigh Constituency Labour Party

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The Eastleigh CLP has a strong local membership.  A welcoming and collaborative environment, members engage constantly to talk about policy, current affairs and strategic direction of the local party.

Over the past ten years, the Eastleigh CLP has continued to grow memberships as well as significantly improve the overall performance at local and national elections.

The Labour Party

A political movement for the many, not the few

The Labour Party has always been about people. It was formed to give ordinary people a voice and has sought power in order to improve their lives. The fruits of this work have changed Britain for the better, through the most progressive governments in our country’s history.

Ours is a proud history, with achievements – from the NHS to the welfare state – that have made a lasting difference to the lives of people across our country. Over the past century, we have been the Party of the many, not the few.

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