Our Local Manifesto

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Local Manifesto

Eastleigh Labour Party is creating our local manifesto and policy commitments. We will be guided by our core values and want to ensure Eastleigh’s largest political party represents local people.

We want your views to shape our local agenda.

Political-Jargon-buster: What’s a manifesto?

A manifesto is a public declaration of what a political party would deliver and focus on should they be elected


We are entirely focused on subjects that will make Eastleigh better. Here are some areas that might be important to you:

·         The economy in Eastleigh – things like jobs, council finances, local businesses and employers

·         Housing – examples of these subjects would be more affordable, green housing or stopping housing developments

·         Services from the local and county council – bin collections, libraries or burial services are covered here

·         Transport – bus services, parking availability or road quality might be your priority

·         Safety and security – introduction of local police services, police stations or improvement of local judicial services 

While anyone can submit a policy or idea, only Eastleigh Labour Members will get a vote on what is adopted. If you also want to be able to vote and support our manifesto commitments, you can join us here: join.labour.org.uk 

Contact us through this form!

Please submit your requests via the contact form - this will enable us to track and respond to your suggestion.

If you represent a specific organisation, please contact  josh@eastleighlabour.co.uk

Alternatively, email hello@eastleighlabour.co.uk