Eastleigh has been left behind for too long by successive Conservative and Liberal Democrat led administrations. Our vision is simple: It is one of local renewal, an Eastleigh with drive, purpose and energy, with a local council that works for its community. Labour is prioritising real change, and a long term plan for our area. We will be guided by the following five missions. These are five key concerns that residents have raised with us:

1.Our High Streets: Labour will revitalise our local economy & tackle anti-social behaviour

2.Our Homes: Labour will bring back council housing and prioritise affordable local housing

3.Our Green Future: Labour will protect and enhance our local environment

4.Our Roads: Labour will invest in local infrastructure & transport

5.Our Community: Labour will bring our community together

Eastleigh Labour Party is rooted in our community and our manifesto was developed in consultation with our local party members as well as community stakeholders. 

We’d love to hear from you. Contact your local Labour team and get involved in the local party by contacting us at or follow us on Social Media.


Due to the staggered elections of Eastleigh Borough Council, it will take multiple elections across many years to gain Labour control. That is why we’re setting out a long-term plan to achieve real change in our community.

In power, Labour would get to work on day one to deliver for you. In our first days running the Borough Council, we would:

– Strengthen transparency at Eastleigh Borough Council. Ensuring information about processes and projects is easily available to the public.

– Introduce a cabinet member for Community Wealth Building. Having one councilor to lead on this project and get the project started from day one.

– Launch a full review of the council’s fiscal position and expenditure plans, inviting independent auditors to review council spending to ensure value for money on any existing projects, such as One Horton Heath.

– End the over-reliance on consultancy spending, which has wasted millions of pounds.

– Reform the Borough elections timetable, bringing it back to full elections every four years to reduce costs and encourage long-term planning.

– Bring in a new approach to council budgets, that prioritises long-term planning and long-term cost saving. Including a commitment to insourcing services wherever possible, as part of our Community Wealth Building strategy.


Eastleigh High Street

– We will establish a Community Wealth Building strategy for Eastleigh borough. This will be considered in all economic planning and procurement decisions.

– We will introduce new fiscal rules to prioritise long term savings.

– We will crack down on antisocial behaviour which acts as a barrier to residents spending with local high street businesses

– We will end wasteful consultancy spending and reduce council outsourcing wherever possible.

-We will encourage innovation and collaboration by establishing a local economic forum where community stakeholders can meet regularly to discuss economic affairs.

-We will facilitate a community shares scheme; allowing local people to invest in local business or take sites into community ownership.

-We will prioritise regeneration projects across the borough to bring life back into our town centres.

-We will work with our community to bring the services it wants to see to our High Streets.

– We will make full use of the new powers a Labour government would introduce, to end land banking on our High Streets and make use of empty shops.


– We will commission a new local plan to provide clarity for residents and developers on the priorities of the council when considering new planning applications, Including a commitment to a minimum of 50% affordable/social housing in any medium or large development.

– We will pursue an ambitious programme of council house building and social housing procurement to provide affordable housing for local people.

– We will prevent developers from financially contributing their way out of affordable housing or climate preservation commitments.

– We will prioritise urban renewal and redevelopment over new developments in green spaces.

– We will monitor the local rental market to ensure that private renters are getting quality homes at fair prices.

– We will help to establish a local renters’ forum to support residents getting a fair deal on their local rents.

– We will explore establishing a landlords’ charter, to ensure bad actors are named and shamed while working to increase standards.


We will protect and restore our River Itchen

– We will use available powers of the council to ensure that all watercourses are maintained. Charges will be imposed for riparian owners who do not fulfill maintenance duties.

– We will ensure consistent monitoring of our waterways to ensure leakages, overflowing and flooding of walkways are swiftly identified and actioned by the appropriate authority.

– We will create a new long term flood mitigation and prevention strategy to identify areas of flood risk and draw up plans to help alleviate risk.

We will clean up our community

– We will help to collect any debris and litter, removing it for safe disposal or to be recycled; both through using council employed monitors and organising new volunteer groups.

– We will ensure strong enforcement of fly tipping fines and launch a greater awareness campaign to ensure local people are aware of their responsibilities regarding waste disposal.

We will promote urban greenery

– We will ensure all residents of new developments have access to open green spaces for recreation.

– We will improve the cleanliness and safety of our existing green spaces, so residents feel safe when visiting them.

– We will promote rewilding as part of a long term strategy to restore our local ecology. This includes planting trees in abandoned or unused places as well as extensive tree planting in new developments.


– We will support schemes that promote greener travel, encouraging a shift to public transport, cycling, and walking for short distance travel. We will Improve and extend walking and cycling networks to ensure they are safe and suitable by partnering with organisations such as Sustrans.

– We will work in partnership with local councils and transport operating companies to improve public transport connections both to serve more areas and to increase the frequency of existing services where possible.

– We will work with Hampshire County Council on highway improvement programmes which will focus on resurfacing and pothole filling.

– We will work with schools and local businesses on an awareness campaign for green transport alternatives.

– We will launch an anti-idling campaign to discourage stationary vehicles leaving engines on in built up areas and provide air quality monitoring around schools, ensuring they are a clean air environment.


Community is strength on a wall

– We will work with local businesses and community buildings to expand the Safe Spaces programme for people experiencing domestic abuse. These facilities are vital to keep people safe in our community. We will work with organisations such as food banks, local businesses and council run properties to expand local reach beyond the current offer by local Boots pharmacies.

– We will ensure that, as an employer of over 500 people, Eastleigh Borough Council has a robust domestic abuse policy. All line managers and human resources teams should undertake extensive training on how to recognise the signs of domestic abuse and how to safely support any employees experiencing abuse. We would ensure that policy also holds anyone causing harm to account.

– We will support better provision of youth services. This will include: expanding the annual youth boxing programmes which the council currently offers and making use of council properties to offer better opportunities for young people during school holidays.

– We will ensure council grants and other schemes would prioritise charity and non-profit groups to support youth organisations and ensure they have the right access to council funding and support to continue to provide a positive service to the community.


We know that for much of our community it as if Eastleigh is stuck in a cycle of decline after 14 years of Conservative and Liberal Democrat led government. It feels as if Eastleigh is broken and, if things don’t change, this will only get worse.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A Labour run Eastleigh Borough Council would get to work on day one. We have a vision of local renewal, an Eastleigh with drive, purpose and energy with a local council that works for and with its community, not just for vested interests.

We will build a better Eastleigh through our five missions. We will revitalise our local economy, deliver affordable housing for all, protect our local environment, invest in local transport & infrastructure and unite our community.

Our plans are a long-term vision. Not a quick fix. If you share our values and want to make things better, we would love you to become a part of the Eastleigh Labour family and get involved in our campaigns. Get in touch with your local labour team at

Together we can build a better Eastleigh.