Register to Postal Vote

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It’s easy to register to postal vote, and once done, you won’t have to do it again.

You can still turn up to a polling station and hand in your postal vote the old way if you prefer.

Step 1 - Print this form.

If you don’t have access to a printer either:

a) Ask for a friend to print a copy.

b) email and ask for a copy to be sent to you.

Step 2 - Fill & send the form

Take a photo of the form and either:

a) email your photo to

b) Put it in an envelope and post it to;

Electoral Registration Office, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN. Telephone: 023 8068 8000

Step 3 - Tell your friends!

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This year it is far safer to vote by post, but you need to register to postal vote in time.

You don’t have long, get everyone to register!

The official advice from Eastleigh Borough Council can be found here