Support Us!

We’re a people powered organisation from the ground up.  We need people like you to help us, so that we can keep on helping you!

We’re a friendly bunch, so if you’d like to meet some like minded people and help make the world a better place – get in touch.


Every penny helps! We need donations to pay for things like leaflets, adverts, offices.

Unlike other parties, we aren't financed by large corporate backers who fund us to help drive their agendas. We rely on everyday people like you and me.


Join up as a full labour member, attend in person and get to know the team. As a labour member, you have the power to make a positive difference.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!


We understand not everyone wants to join or donate cash. If you are willing to lend a little time, perhaps you could help support us in other ways?

Fancy some exercise? We're always looking for leaflet deliverers!
Have a skill you think would help? Drop us a line.

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Hampshire police funding cut between 2010 and 2019
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Average council tax in Eastleigh. A 6% increase from last year
Homes to upgrade to the highest standard energy efficiency.
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you vote for us, absolutely!

Please don’t believe the Lib-Dem propaganda.  At the last general election Eastleigh Labour continued to increase its vote share.  At last count, we were just 6% behind the Lib Dem’s.  

We need your help, vote for us and tell your friends and family; The time for tactical voting to “keep the tories out” is over.  Vote for Eastleigh, vote Sam.

1. Contact us, and get involved.  Join, Donate.

2. Go out canvassing

3. Offer to staff a street stall

4. Offer to leaflet outside a train station or supermarket or school

5. Phone Canvass

6. Distribute Labour Posters

7. Ask if you can help in office (stuff envelopes, input data, batch leaflets)

8. Tweet and Facebook Labour policies, videos, infographics.

9. Speak to your friends and family about voting Labour

10. Donate to Labour if you can

11. Decorate your window with Labour posters.

12. Get a stake board for your garden.

13. Talk to parents at the school gates about Labour

14. Write letters to your local paper.

15. Make videos on your phone

16. Leave comments on articles

17. Take part in online polls

18. Retweet front benchers

19. Share news stories outlining how bad the Tories are

Not at all, commit as much or as little as you’d like. 

Getting to know people in person we think can make a big difference to how involved you feel, so it’d be great (but not necessary) if you attended a few meetings to get to know what goes on and how things work. 

Not at all, they’re really welcoming.  Think of it less as a meeting and more of a meet-up with like minded friends who have noticed the world has gone crazy, and who want to do something about it. 🙂

Of course!  Our aim is to be welcoming and friendly to all.  Follow the contact links and drop us a line, hopefully we can answer your question, or offer a buddy to help with your first time getting involved.